John Roccia Family Roofing Company

​Services Provided

Roof Repairs

With us you don't have to pay until it rains and we proved the leak has stopped!

Rubber Roofs
With us you will not need recoating, the roof is energy efficient and carries up to a 15yr. warranty.

Shingle Roofs

We use only the best materials which come with wind

protection up to 130 miles per hr. and up to a 50 yr. warranty.

Roof Certifications 

Roof Certifications are issued by a roof inspector to certify that a roof is free of defects and should perform as designed for a certain period of time. The certification period is usually 1-2 years and sometimes as many as 5. The period requested can and does vary. 

Roof Certifications are typically requested by; Lenders, Municipalities, and Buyers. Lenders want a roof independently inspected to mitigate risk, municipalities want roofs inspected to maintain a quality housing stock and tax base. Buyers will often request a roof certification after a home inspection.

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